Activating the CUPS snmp backend in Ubuntu Feisty

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at
Thu Mar 1 11:43:20 UTC 2007

Mike Fedyk wrote:
> How does this relate to using avahi for printer discovery?

Do we use avahi for network printer discovery? How do I invoke a scan
for network printers via avahi? How is a GUI (GNOME/KDE) user supposed
to set up a network printer on a Ubuntu box?

> Are there
> any other systems that use snmp for printer discovery where using snmp
> will make them "just work" also?

As far as I know, the snmp backend of CUPS is the only tool to search
for network printers via SNMP.

> If the snmp backend for cups does get activated, Feisty is probably
> better than Feisty+1 LTS because we probably don't want to add a lot of
> new features in a LTS release cycle.  Instead focus should be on bug
> fixing and polish instead of new features.

Will Feisty+1 be the next LTS? If so, will the SNMP backend get
deactivated there again? Or why is Feisty better than Feisty+1 LTS when
activating the SNMP backend?


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