santa rosa macbook pro in gutsy/feisty

Brian Barnes bcbarnes at
Sat Jun 30 23:17:14 UTC 2007


I am wondering, are the new santa rosa chipset macbook pros expected 
or hoped to be working smoothly "out of the box" with gutsy?  There are 
currently many known bugs at that are not reported in 
launchpad.  These mainly focus around sound (doesn't work), suspend 
(ditto), and fan speed control (missing in gutsy; a heat concern).  Sound 
seems to be particularly troublesome; even recompiling a new alsa did not 
work for the people I've seen discuss the issue.

These three threads summarize the situation (mostly w/ feisty):

There are also many untriaged bugs in launchpad dealing with older 
versions of the MB/MBP.  One report involving a new MBP from the start of 
June discusses not being able to boot from gutsy tribe 1 live cd (probably 
a video issue, as he could boot from alternate).

thanks for reading,


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