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Christof Krüger ubuntu at
Thu Jun 21 07:24:13 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-06-20 at 16:36 -0400, Scott Kitterman wrote:
> In order to join ubuntu-qa you have to show experience with bug triaging.  So 
> once again, this is a new barrier to entry for people that want to fix bugs.  
> Bug triaging and bug fixing are two different things.  What you propose is 
> like a layer violation in protocol design.

I'd like to agree with Scott and don't let it look like he is alone with
his view.

I'm an ubuntu *user* and there have been some small bugs that were --
well -- bugging me. I don't have the overview about how the ubuntu
community is organized in detail.

Sometimes, I find small bugs which I can fix by myself. This has already
happened several times in the past. Having to register for a ubuntu-qa
group first would definitely discourage me from using LP because my time
is quite limited and I only want a certain bug fixed ASAP without having
to be a member of a special group. Actually, the problem is not *being*
a member of a group but *becoming* it. Such a user has to find out how
things are organized and where he needs to apply first, which he just
might not be interested in in the first place.

Especially, I don't think that ubunqu-qa would be the right group
anyway. I'm not interested in triaging bugs. I just don't have the
expertise for this. Remember, I just want to fix a bug here and there
which is a personal thing and not related to how important a fix
actually is for the average user or "the community".

> IMO it's a solution in search of a problem.  I have yet to see anyone
> set a bug to in progress that wasn't actually working on it.
If this is the case, I don't see a need to change that, too. If you want
to fix something, you need a problem first. If the fix also imposes
additional work (group management) it might be counterproductive.

I'm sure I wasn't saying anything that wasn't already said here.
However, I felt like having to confirm what Scott was writing about from
a "occasional patch writer" perspective.

  Christof Krüger

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