Launchpad bug workflow change

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Tue Jun 19 23:13:41 UTC 2007

Jordan Mantha wrote:
>> Please don't interpret it that way :) As I replied to Scott, if the bug 
>> is not handled by someone who can upload to Ubuntu then it's fair to say 
>> that nobody is working on a fix in Ubuntu.
> This is just not true. In Universe we have a great number of people working
> on bugs that are not able to upload. These people use status,
> subscriptions, and assignments to get their work sponsored. Even in Main
> there are quite a number of people who aren't in ubuntu-dev that work on
> bugs. Your statement is only true in the sense that a developer must touch
> it at some point to upload the fix, but the work is often enough not done
> by the developer.
Right, and that's the only sense in which I intended it (though I can 
see I have been too terse). We are trying to make a 1-dimesional setting 
field fit a range of situations here. A bug tracker that is used by many 
projects of different sizes will never fit everyone perfectly, but that 
common bug tracker also has its advantages.

If we want a certain group of people who write code but are not MOTU or 
core-dev to be able to set the whole range of status settings then we 
can set up a team that gives that access. I agree that people can write 
valuable code without doing .deb packaging for example.

> Bottom line, people who are assigned to a bug need to be able to modify it.
> If you want to control who can be assign bugs then that's a slightly different
> matter, but there *has* to be a workflow that allows for non-developers to
> work on bugs. Anything less would severely affect Universe and probably
> Main as well.
We have not made any changes to bug assignment (though I have my own 
opinions about that).

I agree that we should encourage more people to work on bug fixes. If 
this change makes that more difficult then we need to find solutions to 


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