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Tue Jun 19 22:48:52 UTC 2007

On 20/06/07 06:36, Henrik Nilsen Omma wrote:
> OK, so I should have said 'Ubuntu developer' (member of core dev or 
> MOTU) instead of 'developer'. Lots of fixes are being worked on by 
> upstreams or other non-Ubuntu developers all the time, but we don't mark 
> a bug as In Progress unless someone is working on a fix in Ubuntu, or at 
> least in a remote bugtracker to which we have set an upstream task.
> We would encourage anyone who is a developer to join MOTU and later 
> core-dev so you can upload fixes directly. If you submit useful patches 
> you would also very easily qualify for ubuntu-qa.
So, now because I'm working on a bug, I need to become a Master Of The

Somehow I think that this is counter productive. I don't feel that I
know enough about the inner workings of Ubuntu to do that membership
justice. I can see a time in the future where that may well be the case,
but right now, I'm just fixing bugs.

I suspect that there are many contributors who would feel uncomfortable
with the requirement you are outlining.

I think that the suggestion made by Phillip Susi would solve the problem
without the memberships you are outlining.

On 20/06/07 06:13, Phillip Susi wrote:
> Non developers should be able to set these states if the bug is assigned 
> to them.

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