Launchpad bug workflow change

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Tue Jun 19 22:41:36 UTC 2007

Onno Benschop wrote:
>> When you say 'a member of the general community' do you mean not in 
>> ubuntu-qa and not a developer (I ask because people from the volunteer 
>> community are also in those groups)? If you are not  then it it's 
>> correct that you cannot set those states. This change gives more 
>> structure to the bug flow in that it will be more clear what is meant by 
>> a given state.
> Yes. I'm not a member of any groups. So, I think you're saying I should
> become a member of those groups :)
Yes, please do!

>> If you are trying to reproduce it or asking for more information from 
>> the submitter then this will be clear from the comments and you can set 
>> it to Incomplete.
>> If you are not a developer then it is misleading to set it to In 
>> Progress because nobody is actually working on the fix and it may never 
>> be fixed.
> Well, no I'm not a developer, err, I am, but not in the Ubuntu context.
> If I'm working on a bug in say dosfstools, or gphpedit, then there is no
> need for another developer to spend time duplicating my work. To be
> accurate, I've not released any actual fixes (yet), so I've not had a
> problem where I needed to submit a fix.
> So to say that nobody is working on the fix, sort of makes me a nobody :-)
Please don't interpret it that way :) As I replied to Scott, if the bug 
is not handled by someone who can upload to Ubuntu then it's fair to say 
that nobody is working on a fix in Ubuntu.

>     "Do I need to become a member of any specific groups to fix bugs in
>     Ubuntu?"

To do it independently, yes. I we encourage you to!


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