Using standardized SI prefixes

Bastian Venthur venthur at
Sat Jun 16 10:38:58 UTC 2007

On 11.06.2007 14:57 schrieb shirish:
> Hi all,
>       Please look at . I
> put a bug up for it &
> Aaron helpfully said it needs more discussion. I have had great
> support from libtorrent as well as the guys at
> deluge .
>     The difference is simply astonishing to put aside if let's say a
> download or an .ISO says 700 MB (700*1000) it becomes 683.59375 MiB
> (700000/1024) . Please lemme know what you guys think about it ?
>     It isn't just ubuntu or debian but this needs to be done
> everywhere. Have something accurate.

Looks like we're not really moving forward with this discussion. I 
suggest that we prepare a wikipage on with a friendly 
formulated bugreport template. After this template is mature enough, we 
can start writing wishlist bugreports on packages making wrong use SI 
prefixes (e.g. write KB but mean KiB) asking them to consider to switch 
to binary prefixes instead.

The bugreport template should include:

* The problem
* A short paragraph explaining why it is a good idea to use binary
   prefixes when presenting numbers as m * 2^n and SI prefixes when
   presenting numbers as m * 10^n
* A list of a few important packages already using binary prefixes (the
   kernel, GNU coreutils, ...)
* Wikipedia link to binary prefixes article
* A link to this discussion
* A usertag?

We should not urge to use either binary prefixes or SI prefixes 
consistently in all packages! Instead we should urge to use the prefixes 
*correctly*. When 1k means 1000 Bytes, it is OK to use it -- when it 
means 1024 they, should make the switch to binary prefixes.

Any thoughts?



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