Using standardized SI prefixes

Alex Jones alex at
Thu Jun 14 00:37:56 UTC 2007

On Thu, 2007-06-14 at 09:03 +1000, James "Doc" Livingston wrote:
> > 1 TB is not rounded. It means precisely 1 × 10^12 bytes, no more and no
> > less. If they want to actually put 1.024 TB on the disk then they can
> > say 1 TB (approx.) like any other industry (detergent, bacon, etc.).
> How many other industries do this? If I buy a 500g pack of bacon, I
> don't get 500g - I get around 500g, close enough that the appropriate
> consumer trading authority doesn't come and have words with them. Very
> few things I ever buy have "approx" mentioned with how much I get.

That's what I was saying. I buy a 950 g pack of detergent, it says on
the packet:

950 g ℮

The key being the ℮, which is European packaging standard for
"estimated". I'd be surprised if they don't have something similar to
use instead of "approx." in Australia. Look out for it!
Alex Jones

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