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Alistair Crust alistair at
Wed Jun 13 14:24:33 UTC 2007

 I'm new to this list but have an itch I need to scratch..unfortunately
I'm a bit short of the details I need to scratch it.

 We have a need here at school for the openoffice plugin for firefox on
dapper (provided by the files and nsplugin). Thing is
the ubuntu package for dapper doesn't include them.

 Upstream in Debian there is a mozilla-openoffice package but not for
this version of OOo and requires libc6.

 Mainly my issue boils down to two questions:

 1) Why are those files not compiled in. Where-as Debian has created a
package for them (the plugin works great on the ms windows version of
OO.o and comes with the installer).

 2) How do I go about finding out who is responsible for creating the
openoffice packages for dapper so that I can help to have the files we
need included, or learn how to compile the things ourselves so we can
create a mozilla-openoffice package for dapper.

There are a few bugs and wishlists on launchpad relating to this but it
appears as if no one yet has been bothered to pursue the issue. Hence
why I'm trying to find out as much as I can so that I can help to do
something about it.

Thanks for your time 

Kind regards
Alistair Crust
Systems Administrator 
Skegness Grammar School 
Vernon Road 
PE25 2QS 
TEL: 01754 610000 (ext'852)
FAX: 01754 896875 

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