Using standardized SI prefixes

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Tue Jun 12 23:57:28 UTC 2007

Op dinsdag 12-06-2007 om 15:52 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Ian
> shirish writes ("Using standardized SI prefixes"):
> >       Please look at .
> Urgh, these things are ugly and an abomination.  We should avoid them.

They aren't more ugly than other symbols and names for SI (and other)
prefixes and units, they just look strange to those who aren't used to

BTW: I've used binary prefixes for about 5 years now, including in
translations of programs I made or helped on.  It has never confused
anybody (at least, nobody complained), some people were curious of why
we used those symbols (some liked it, some not), and most people
actually understand the benefits (even though some of them would have
preferred other symbols, they didn't have a better proposal either).

Jan Claeys

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