Using standardized SI prefixes

Bastian Venthur venthur at
Mon Jun 11 13:44:44 UTC 2007

shirish wrote:
> Hi all,
>       Please look at . I
> put a bug up for it &
> Aaron helpfully said it needs more discussion. I have had great
> support from libtorrent as well as the guys at
> deluge .
>     The difference is simply astonishing to put aside if let's say a
> download or an .ISO says 700 MB (700*1000) it becomes 683.59375 MiB
> (700000/1024) . Please lemme know what you guys think about it ?
>     It isn't just ubuntu or debian but this needs to be done
> everywhere. Have something accurate.

I support your request. Although I think this isn't a big deal for the 
average user, it is pretty confusing from time to time since you can't 
be sure what a k actually means.

This standard you're talking about exists for a while now but it seems 
that people (programmers) are adapting really slow. We could do the 
community a favor by doing what's in our possibility and push the 
adoption a bit further.



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