All-sides Testing Report of Ubuntu-7.04 from BSTQC

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Thu Jul 19 14:51:38 UTC 2007

konghao wrote:
>> konghao schrieb:
>>> Release of All-sides Testing Report of Ubuntu-7.04
>> Is this "pure" 7.04, or are updates taken from the ubuntu-security and/or
>> ubuntu-updates repositories?
>  I am not very clear about the meaning of "pure", if you mean that the original install CD of 7.04 is "pure", I think YES ,it is. 
>  We did our testing based on and only on the install CD (include OS and many appilications in CD), no any other software.
The question is whether you downloaded/installed the updates after 
installing from the CD?
> That is the key problem , actually, the report was generated automatically by our local tracking system, but we didn't find a easy way of shifting bugs to launchpad.
> There  are several hundreds of bugs in the report, even if every bug could be extracted , sending them all to malone at one time would be very tangly(image that you receive hundreds of mails at the morning:) ). One way to avoid that is sending every bug to different person who is in charge of some modules, but this way return to the original problem: there're not enough resource of us to separate every bug to their exact module/package and charge-person. You can see the bugs in the report belong to different part/, but I don't think we have the same way of defining parts/modules/packages/components.

We do not have a shortage of bug reports, but rather of well defined 
reports. Bugs should have the right package assigned and duplicates 
should be marked. We also have more benefit from bugs filed against the 
development version (now Gutsy)

Perhaps you could start by filing just the most serious bugs through 
launchpad to get accustomed to how our system works.


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