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Tue Jan 30 11:48:21 UTC 2007

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David Prieto wrote:
> Hi, I already sent this message once but I'm not sure it got actually
> posted on the list:
>> This is a proposal to include the gaim-libnotify package in default
>> ubuntu installs.
>> People coming from windows are used to their IM apps showing a
>> notification window when something noteworthy happens. Gaim plays a
>> sound but shows nothing, which can be confusing to some users -where
>> did
>> that beep come from?- and leave the feeling that it's an inferior
>> product compared with their previous IM client.
>> I think that gaim-libnotify should be installed and active by default
>> in
>> fresh ubuntu installs. Gaim-libnotify is a Gaim plugin that shows
>> events
>> -buddies logging in or out, new messages...- using libnotify. It takes
>> barely 14k and offers information that is familiar to newcomers and
>> useful for everyday users, and perfectly fits Gaim sounds, in a
>> fashion
>> that is integrated with gnome because it resembles the way that many
>> other gnome apps show their important info - that is, through
>> libnotify.
> Any opinions?
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
What is the relation of this to gaim-guifications, and why one over
the other?
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