flash player 9 -don't include it in Feisty

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Sat Jan 20 12:48:51 UTC 2007

On 1/19/07, t u <towsonu2003 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I usually don't write to tell stuff like this, but this is just
> unbearable...
> I was using Flash 7 & Fx 2 with Dapper and I was very happy. After the
> release of the interview with Torvalds, I updated to Flash 9 (after it
> was announced not to be a beta anymore).
> For the last two days, Fx crashed about every 20 minutes on flash-using
> sites like youtube. I read about similar experiences with Flash betas at
> the forums too. Fx never crashed on me before...
> I would like to ask the devels not to include Flash 9 in our
> repositories... It is too damn buggy, and it's not worth the bad PR
> Feisty might get with crashing Firefoxes...
> Thanks for your patience in reading this
> Sincerely.
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I've been using Flash 9 since October last year, and haven't had any
crashing Firefox with it.

The only thing that I have problems with it is when it's in the early stage,
it doesn't recognize my webcam when recording under flash, but the newest
update fixed it already.

When your using Flash 7 to play YouTube, your wasting too much bandwidth,
since your downloading a backward compatible version that is twice the size
of a Flash 9 version.

Flash 9 uses On2 VP6 codec, that can record a near DVD quality video in a
very minimal size.

The company On2 also open sourced their VP3 codec, which is now know as OGG
Theora, a superset and improved version of On2 VP3 codec.


Carpe Diem
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