Mozilla Team

NoOp glgxg at
Thu Jan 11 19:33:04 UTC 2007

John Vivirito wrote:

> This is an anouncment of a new Ubuntu team that is rising. We are the
> Ubuntu-mozillateam. We are here to triage mozilla bugs, and just all
> around lighten the load of mozilla related bugs being reported. If you
> would like to learn more i will list some links for you to look at and
> see if this is a team you would like to join. We are in
> #ubuntu-mozillateam on to answer any questions you
> might have about the team or the bugs we work with. If you feel this
> team is for you please feel free to join us on
> Thank you for your time.

Excellent!  Will your team also work on Seamonkey issues as well?

[Followup for this question set to gmane.linux.ubuntu.user]

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