New feature: mount local file systems in Gnome, please test

flomertens at flomertens at
Mon Jan 8 01:15:27 UTC 2007

Hi martin,

> gksu verifies that you are an admin and gets the necessary root 
> privilege for the mounting. If you are not in the 'admin' group, then
> you cannot mount local hard disks.

I tested this new feature on my fresh feisty install and it works great.
Nevertheless, when i tried to mount a fat32 volume, it acted strangely.
The volume icon disappear from computer:/ and it seamed like it fails.
In fact it succeed, but since vfat volume default settings are uid=,umask=077
, and since the volume get mount by root, it was mount with the option
uid=0,umask=077 making it unreadable.
Other things : In the first attempt, the settings are set by looking at the 
gconf tree of the users. But in the second attempt (with gksu), the settings 
are set by looking at the gconf tree of root, and so all user defined settings 
(the ones you can set in the volume tab of nautilus )
that are stored in /system/storage/drives/UDI_OF_DRIVE/ are lost. You can't set
for exemple a mount point, which could be really useful.

I make a bug report here :

and i also propose a way to deal with it, with a patch i currently use.
Basically, i propose to use the same settings set during the first
attempt (the one launch without gksu) for the second attempt (the one
launch with gksu)



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