Notifying end-users when support is no more

Gaele Strootman gaele at
Tue Jan 2 17:48:58 UTC 2007

Alec Wright wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-01-02 at 16:32 +0000, Alex Jones wrote:
>> Something else that we need to remember...
>> If we have a system with Warty on, and it's nagging its owner to
>> upgrade, the only system it can upgrade to is Breezy, which itself might
>> be out of support. If such a case arises, there's no way to get that
>> Warty machine upgraded.
>> -- 
>> Alex Jones <alex at>
> Even when a version is not supported, the repositories are still there,
> but not updated.
> Let's go forward a year. The current release is Feisty+1 LTS (Something
> Iguana?). Microsoft has been taken over by Steve Ballmer, and is
> therefore dying. He plans to release a "Windows Developers, Developers,
> Developers, Developers Edition". Person X is using Warty, having ignored
> the bubbles for a year (Breezy is now Unsupported, and Warty and Hoary
> have been unsupported for a year and 6 months respectively). He can
> upgrade to Hoary, because the Repositories will still be open, but it
> will be very insecure, having not received security updates, or updates
> of any sort, for 6 months. Then he can upgrade to Breezy, then Dapper.
> The "Your system is unsupported" thing should go, and an "A newer
> version of Ubuntu is available." and so he can choose to upgrade again.
> There should also be a popup saying "Your system will only be supported
> for 6 more months.", with a link to a web page explaining why using an
> unsupported release is bad (eg security problems, older packages etc).
> He should then be urged to upgrade.
> Throughout the process, the user should be notified of his 3 options:
>  * Upgrade form the web
>  * Upgrade from a CD
>  * Do a complete Reinstall (Easier than upgrading through 8 releases!)
> ---
> Alec Wright
Now suppose person X has only 64 MB or RAM on this particular machine 
(the minimum requirement for Warty).

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