More explicit names for iso images ?

Francesco Fumanti francesco.fumanti at
Tue Feb 27 12:33:52 UTC 2007


>  > Incidentally, Canonical provide 4 distro-flavours of the isos:
>>  Ubuntu, Kubuntu, as mentioned above, but also Edubuntu and Xubuntu
>>  All are named feisty-desktop/alternate/etc, and all should be easily
>>  distinguishable from one another.
>I agree with the points raised above; it would be valuable in many instances
>to be able to determine the precise version of an ISO from the filename.
>However, as it happens, I (and probably other developers as well) rely on
>having a fixed filename in order to do things like automatically rsync the
>latest images without knowing their name.

I don't know the rsync procedure, so what I am proposing might not be 
possible; otherwise you would probably already do it!?

Indeed I am thinking that maybe it is not necessary to change the 
procedure used to build the iso images. Why not simply rename the 
produced iso before putting it online?

Have a nice day.


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