Idea: Restricted Formats in Examples?

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Sat Feb 24 18:17:03 UTC 2007

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Alec Wright wrote:
> In the examples folder (which there is a symlink to in ~/Examples),
> there are some useful example files for trying stuff out, demonstrating
> Ubuntu capabilities in several ways such as videos, music, images etc.
> However, the multimedia files are all in free formats. I think that it
> would be a good idea to have examples in a variety of non-free formats
> too, such as MP3, AAC, WMA etc, so that you can test Ubuntu's ability to
> play these non-free formats (once you have installed the appropriate
> gstreamer on xine plugins). But this would be useless on the LiveCD, as
> no-one would install gstreamer plugins on the LiveCD, so it would only
> be useful in the installed system. There would also need to be a readme
> file saying something like "These files are in non-free formats, which
> cannot be played in a default Ubuntu install for legal reasons.  To
> install the appropriate plugins, add the universe and multiverse
> repositories and do the command sudo aptitude install blah blah blah"
> What do you guys think of this idea? Are there any legal issues related
> with shipping MP3 files with Ubuntu?
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> Alec Wright
I'd advocate keeping only the free formats.  For one thing, a lot of
people unfamiliar with the whole formats issue will see them and
wonder what the heck they are, ask, and thus find out a lot more about
the topics at hand than they would otherwise.  Second, I think
shipping things we are trying to discourage just seems awkward at best.
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