Allowing passwordless login via GDM

Milan nalimilan at
Fri Feb 23 14:16:23 UTC 2007

I'm not tying to make a troll in any way, and I'm sorry if this subject 
is fulling the list with useless arguments. And I don't think neither 
that we should compare Linux to Windows: what I propose is really far 
from ActiveX, and I will castigate anyone intending to create this for 

But you're mistaking on my proposal. I just ask to allow *GDM* to skip 
password check, just like it *currently does* with autologin.

First, this is just an extension of autologin system, so if my idea is 
dangerous, we have to remove automated connexion feature from GDM 

Second, you can't connect to a passwordless account via ssh, vnc or 
others because it's disabled by default. As Jan Claeys said, 
PermitEmptyPasswords setting for sshd is "no" by default, and this is a 
good thing.

Third, I don't ask to use passwordless accounts, which are currently to 
only way to connect without typing anything, and which are weak 
Ĺ“conerning security. With my proposal, your argument is no valid at all, 
since the account is using a password, and more, a *good* password, 
since the user hasn't to type it every minute. Think that many users 
want to use a simple, short, and maybe easy to remember/find (firstname, 
account name...) because they have to type it often. And I don't speak 
of empty passwords you are encouraged to set manually.

wattazoum, your criticism is really far from reality, because in 
addition of all this, openssh server is not installed be default, 
portmap doesn't allow WAN computers to connect to port 22, nor any other 
port. You currently have to hack the config files to enable it.

I would like this topic to be constructive, not only a sterile argument. 
But it seems nobody is taking seriously the problem and its implications.

Again, I'm sorry if this is taking space in the mailing list with no 
interest at all. But I'm surprised of the reaction.


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