Allowing passwordless login via GDM

Ouattara Oumar Aziz wattazoum at
Fri Feb 23 11:12:01 UTC 2007

Milan a écrit :
> Hey, you guys have a geek way of thinking I didn't expected to encounter 
> on an Ubuntu mailing list ! I'm not talking about five-year-old 
> children's ability to type in a password, nor of the need of their 
> parents to control them. I'm talking of making life easier to users who 
> want to use this feature. Let's them bring up their child as they want to !

Man, you gonna start a big troll about that geek thing. your way of 
expressing your ideas isn't good. If I should try to speak in your way, 
i would call non-password-users , "noob-with-no-security-notion" . And 
will that make things evolve ? we would stick in our position and 
nothing will happen.

> For you, typing a password each time you log in isn't an issue. But I 
> believe using the console is not neither. For a "normal" end-user, this 
> is boring. Coming from Windows or OS X, it's, before people have got to 
> their desktop, a bad point for Ubuntu.

I got my sister-in-law and her family move under ubuntu. The girl is not 
computer lover at all. But guess what, she didn't even ask about that 
question. she was even proud of the fact she can protect her account.

oh yeah ! I forgot, I don't even dream of telling her what a console is.

> Moreover, this feature won't bring down security at all: you still need 
> to enter your password to use gksudo, or ssh... This is only an old 
> Unix-geek reflex putting down Windows about its lacks. But this is not a 
> lack, even Windows has many! Linux power is that you can enable almost 
> all features you want/need, while they are not dangerous.

Guess what, that's what Microsoft were thinking when they decide to 
create those ActiveX thing. let's make the computer ease people life 
without even telling them. And now ActiveX is the biggest hole of IE.

> You said users that want to log in without password must have to search 
> a little to set it up. This is what I've done at home. But this is not 
> possible for most of the people, those who need passwordless connexions! 
> I know this feature will be coded, if not now, within 5 years, because 
> this is really needed. The question is, do we want to discourage people 
> from switching to Linux, and do we want Ubuntu to be the best 
> distribution for home end-users?
> I can't believe that this position is the one of the majority of the 
> team. This way, nothing would have been done at all on Ubuntu (compared 
> to Debian, which I love, for example).

I'll tell you my opinion. none of your arguments changed it. I think 
people shouldn't think of windows has an example when switching to 
Linux. Linux is known for its improve security but if we bring that kind 
of spirit inside, we'll lose it.


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