Allowing passwordless login via GDM

Anthony Yarusso tonyyarusso at
Thu Feb 22 20:07:41 UTC 2007

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Jan Claeys wrote:
> On do, 2007-02-22 at 13:40 -0500, Anthony Yarusso wrote:
>> Jan Claeys wrote:
>>> True, but I see at least one exception: young children don't know how to
>>> enter a username & password.  OTOH they don't need administrator (sudo)
>>> rights of course...
>> I disagree.  First, ime children seem to handle pretty much everything
>> about using a computer better than their parents past about age ten.
>> Prior to that, they shouldn't really be on unsupervised much anyway.
> And how does requiring a password result in better supervision?

It doesn't (unless it's one the child doesn't know).  My point was in
response to the idea that it should be possible for kids too young to
type in a password to be able to get on a computer on their own.
Given that a responsible parent is sitting there with them anyway,
they can type the password until the child is old enough to do the
typing on their own (although preferably the parent sticks around past
five (as Daniel said) anyway.  Hope that clarifies.
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