Allowing passwordless login via GDM

t u towsonu2003 at
Thu Feb 22 19:10:57 UTC 2007

Anthony Yarusso wrote:
> Jan Claeys wrote:
>> On do, 2007-02-22 at 15:54 +0100, Ouattara Oumar Aziz wrote:
>>> Should we do the same mistakes as in windows ? I think having a
>>> password is better cause we should teach people about security
>>> measures. and that gdm password thing's a pretty simple thing but
>>> means a lot.
>> True, but I see at least one exception: young children don't know how to
>> enter a username & password.  OTOH they don't need administrator (sudo)
>> rights of course...
> I disagree.  First, ime children seem to handle pretty much everything
> about using a computer better than their parents past about age ten.
> Prior to that, they shouldn't really be on unsupervised much anyway.
> Better to teach them good habits early on than to coddle and have to
> break those later.

I agree. I don't think making passwordless login easy (let alone
default...) isn't a good practice at all. If a user wants passwordless
logins, s/he should work hard to find how to do it (just like I did). In
the process, s/he will learn that passwords are a very important part of
what Linux can do for you (just like I did)...

Ubuntu, in the sense used by OP, is already usable for home users. We
need better support for hardware and a few more GUI tools etc but it's
usable as it is now...

There should be a *limit* to how "Windowsish" Ubuntu can become. Getting
rid of passwords is I think really too much...

I think we should "let people learn" about passwords. They should go
beyond their Windows-habit of doing everything without passwords... I
think we are adapting too much and too quickly Gnome's motto of "keep it
simple & stupid" (sic)... As i said, there is a limit to this.


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