UCK - Ubuntu Customization Kit 1.4 is out

Fabrizio Balliano fabrizio.balliano at crealabs.it
Thu Feb 22 11:18:07 UTC 2007

Hi to all,
this is to annouce the new release of the Ubuntu Customization Kit:
1.4, main changes are:

- Upgrading the kernel should now be possible.
- During the building process, you can chose to launch a package
manager or a console for fine-grained customization.
- A check for CD size was added.
- Trapping signals to unmount filesystems in case of error were added.
- customize-cd-gui was renamed to uck-gui.
- Many bugs were fixed.

Check the complete changelog with the download links at:

My best regards

Fabrizio Balliano

Via G. F. Medail, 32 - 10144 Torino - Italy
Tel. (+39) - Fax (+39)
http://www.crealabs.it - fabrizio.balliano at crealabs.it

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