Allowing passwordless login via GDM

Milan nalimilan at
Thu Feb 22 09:44:01 UTC 2007

Hi all!

On home computers, people often want to log in without password at all.
This should be possible, and easy to configure. The problem is, you need
a password to connect using ssh, to have sudo rights, to protect others
from setting a new password...

I suggest to allow to log in without typing any password, but only via
GDM (just like Autologin does automatically). Users enter a password
when creating their account, and it's used when necessary (see up). But
GDM config panel allows to choose a "passwordless login" for some users
(like we choose showed users on face browser).

Together with the spec, this
will make Ubuntu usable for home users. Currently, I have to hack
/etc/pam.d and /etc/shadow to allow my parents to login without
password: this is a real lack compared to Windows !

What do you think ?


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