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Laurent Bigonville l.bigonville at
Sun Feb 11 20:09:22 UTC 2007


I know feisty is now in Feature Freeze but I give this a try. If it
doesn't fit for feisty it will still useful for feisty+1.

I've written an main inclusion request for pam-keyring, please see:

Pam-keyring allows the user to unlock his gnome keyring at login.
This is really useful in conjunction with network-manager which store
wifi password in the gnome-keyring. Some other applications (gajim,...)
also use the gnome keyring to store passwords.

In other OSes (ie MacOSX) the keyring is unlocked on loggin, it makes
the user have a "that just works" feeling. It seems to have a lot of
questions on forums about pam-keyring and I found a thread about this on
the archives of this ML. The main problem seems the change of the GNOME
keyring password. ATM libgnome-keyring support this, there is only no
frontend to make the change. Some patches (made by pam-keyring
upstream) are awaiting on the gnome-keyring-manager BTS, the problem is
that the maintainer of g-k-m is not really active.

ATM pam-keyring FTBFS on all arches, the last version in debian fixes
that (sync request, see LP bug #84225). It should build on all arches.

So what could be done?


Laurent Bigonville
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