fsck on boot is major usability issue

Francesco Fumanti francesco.fumanti at gmx.net
Mon Dec 31 15:07:01 UTC 2007

At 7:22 AM -0600 12/31/07, HggdH wrote:
>  > - for people with several disks: when a fsck is
>>  needed for a disk, add the option to run the fsck on all the disks,
>>  even if it is not needed yet;
>>  this would minimize how often the user will be
>>  prompted for a fsck, as all the disks would be
>>  checked simultaneously.
>I agree with all, and in special with this last one: I *do* run multiple
>filesystems, and having them checked one at a time makes the difference
>between waiting 30+ minutes, or only 5 minutes for a shutdown/startup.
>The option of checking the FSs one at a time is (on my laptops) very
>And, of course, beats having an unusable system for more than half an

In fact, I was asking for the opposite: the opposite is especially 
interesting if the user can leave the computer on its own and if it 
automatically shutsdown once all fscks have completed.

Consequently, I would now suggest both possibilities?


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