Failure starting X on hp 6715s laptop, ati x1250 graphics card, with alpha2

Pär Lidén par.liden at
Sat Dec 29 22:34:42 UTC 2007

Hello, I have a HP 6715s laptop, and I tried booting the Hardy alpha2 cd on
it. Most of the booting works fine, but loading X won't work. I at first get
an error that X could not be loaded, and asked if I would like to view the
output. This is the output (with the line breaks exactly like this):

/etc/gdm/failsafeXserver: line 47: [: too many arguments
Warning: Could not retrieve EDID because get-edid is not installed (1)
open_sock(): Permission denied
: error: this program dows not know how to configure the "10
shared/default-x-server doesn't exist X server
Warning: Could not generate /etc/X11/xorg.conf.failsafe

The computer is using ATI x1250 graphics card.

Why does it err like this? Gutsy didn't work either (according to, it can be done with
some effort).

I suppose the ati x1250 card is not currently supported properly in,
but these errors seems to point out some other problem as well, maybe
something that can be fixed. So if it is some kind of bug, I'd like to
report it. But I don't know what to report, where exactly the problem lies.
So if anyone has any ideas, it is welcome. I would greatly appreciate any
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