Ubuntu Screens/Resolutions Management - or the reason i still MUST use m$ windows

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Tue Dec 25 23:01:53 UTC 2007

On Thursday 20 December 2007 20:54:36 Sid Arth wrote:
> What card are you using? I was just wondering if anybody else is having troubles with nvidia cards and two monitors?

As i mention, I have an Intel i855.
A friend of mine [cc'ed], with whom I've been making a few tests with multi-monitors, has a NVidia and under gutsy, has no trouble at all.

> On Dec 16, 2007 6:58 PM, (``-_-´´) -- Fernando <ubuntu at bugabundo.net> wrote:
> > Hi there.
> > I meant to write this email to Ubuntu-Desktop ML, but since you brought this topic, I'll reply here.
> >
> > Last Saturday, I did a small presentation on apt-cacher, and using Ubuntu Hardy, without any xorg.conf due to the new X 7.3 and xrandr 1.2, and plug-in for 
> > first time a projector (@ 1024x768 vs 1280x800 12.1" LCD) with hardy on my 855 Intel, it was a great surprise that (almost) everything "Just Worked".
> > After GDM started, I could see both screens. Sure, some parts of it were cut-off 'cause of the 1024<1280.
> > After login, i just clicked on Grandr v0.2 applet and changed the resolution to 1024. For some freak setting, my LCD got turned off, and I was left with only 
> > projector.
> > I opened up a console, and typed xrandr --auto. My LCD turned on, the top and bottom bars were set to 1024 px, but I still could see and use an extra 
> > space at the right of the screen.
> >
> > Bottom line, at least on Hardy, most of it worked great, and even better then using displayconfig-gtk (which requires X restart) or grandr UI ( that seems to 
> > work that great on current xrandr and crashs a bit).
> > Didnt had the time to test using xrandr  --left-of <output>/--right-of <output> (to have a dual-monitor system, instead of clone screen system) or --size (to 
> > my LCD strange look), but I guess I'll give it a go with an external CRT/LCD this week.
> >
> > Sure, I agree with you, that the OS/X should (automatically) detect the the VGA is no longer in use, instead of requiring the  [power]user to punch 
xrandr --auto,
> > but I can live with it on an Alpha/Developement OS. My major peeve with my transaction from windows still remains the lack of S-Video / TV Out support on
> > pre-9xx Intel GPUs.
> >
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My new micro-blog @ http://BUGabundo.net
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