Easy "Add/Remove Porgrams" for non-sudoers with local PREFIX?

Markus Hitter mah at jump-ing.de
Mon Dec 24 09:28:22 UTC 2007

Am 22.12.2007 um 06:18 schrieb Jason Crain:

> Mackenzie Morgan wrote:
>> You'd have to have special packages for local and for system-wide.
>> ./configure is during compile, not during installation, so you'd have
>> to compile twice for each package to have one that goes in ~

For some packages, especially the bigger ones, this is true  
(hardcoded paths etc.). Many other packages, however, run whereever  
you unpack them.

> The problem seems to be that programs will look for their files in / 
> etc
> and /usr/share.

In a multiuser environment, this is perfectly fine. As far as I  
understood the original poster, non-root packages are not meant to  
set up some sandboxing or virtualisation, but to respect privilege  
restrictions: read, but not write access to everything outside $HOME.

Another use for non-root packages would be to override other  
packages: For example, install gcc-4.1 system wide but put in gcc-4.2  
for Mr. Developer.


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