Accepted: mono-tools 1.2.6-1ubuntu1 (source)

Emilio Pozuelo Monfort pochu at
Sun Dec 23 15:27:28 UTC 2007

[ CCing -discuss as I'm moderated on -devel ]

Martin Pitt wrote:
> Hi Emilio,

Hi Martin,

> Emilio Pozuelo Monfort [2007-12-23  4:15 -0000]:
>>  mono-tools (1.2.6-1ubuntu1) hardy; urgency=low
>>  .
>>    * Sync with Debian.
>>    * debian/patches/03_mozilla-home.dpatch:
>>      - Use firefox instead of xulrunner.
> Since we have xulrunner-1.9 in main now and want to switch the world
> to it (and get rid of firefox in favor of firefox-3), can we just drop
> this and build against xulrunner-1.9?

Yeah, but this needs some changes to the build system and to some files. I asked
Alexander if he had a patch for this, as he has prepared the migration for some
packages, but he didn't have it when I asked him.

Alexander, you don't happen to have a patch for this yet, do you? If so, that's
fantastic. If not, I could try to look into this, but I may need some guidance
(although it might be enough with the wiki and looking at other patches).


> Martin

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