Easy "Add/Remove Porgrams" for non-sudoers with local PREFIX?

Carsten Agger agger at c.dk
Fri Dec 21 19:52:48 UTC 2007

Mackenzie Morgan <macoafi at gmail.com> wrote:

> You´d have to have special packages for local and for system-wide.
> ./configure is during compile, not during installation, so you´d have
> to compile twice for each package to have one that goes in ~

Yes, that might be a problem - a solution might be to grab the source
code when installing to ~ and then compile on-the-fly - which will, of
course, make installation take a bit longer, especially on older/slower

Still, I think the inability to easily install locally, without using
sudo (and without bothering other users) is a usability problem -
however, if the directory/path structure is laid down at compile time,
it may not be easy to come up with a satisfactory solution.

I still think it'd be a very nice feature to have, though - allow people
to have the Add/Remove goodness even without being sudoers - it would be
a huge improvement in all many-user environments.


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