regular fsck runs are too disturbing

Chris Jones chrisjones at
Thu Dec 20 23:22:35 UTC 2007

>>A little while ago there was a discussion here about fsck running at
>>and the program AutoFsck. The author of AutoFsck just contacted me and
>>me what his next step should be. I don't have any official standing in
>>Ubuntu dev community, so I'm just going to forward his message out
>>here in
>the hopes that it will get opened up for a more comprehensive


>>PS I also sent him a link to join this list, so hopefully he'll be
>>able to
>>contribute to the discussion.

I too was contacted by a Jonathon Musther.
But the email I received was different. It reads...

Hi Chris Jones 
I wouldn\'t normally use this mailing list for anything other than
announcements about new versions of AutoFsck.  But I have been inundated
with people requesting information on how to promote AutoFsck, and get
it (or something with the functionality) into the Ubuntu distribution.
I\'ve been trying to do this myself for a long time, but have not got
very far.  To this end I have set up a petition at the bottom of the

Please read it and consider adding your name.

Also feel free to email me if you have any comments, suggestions etc:
jmusther at

Kind Regards

Jonathan Musther

I'm not quite sure why I received it either. I suspect it's just because
I'm a member of the AutoFsck Mailing List.

Chris Jones <chrisjones at>

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