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Thorsten Sick modern_ronin at web.de
Tue Dec 18 16:17:56 UTC 2007

Hello List

Am Montag, den 17.12.2007, 11:49 -0500 schrieb John Richard Moser:
> In Gutsy, the alternate installer can now create encrypted LVM layouts 
> (but with no fancy manipulation tools...).  I am now curious about 
> interoperability with Windows for encrypted external drives.
> External hard disks and flash drives using NTFS or FAT32 work in Linux 
> or Windows now.  The FreeOTFE program allows Windows to access a LUKS 
> partition (NOT LVM) as well.

For data-exchange media I would suggest something that runs on windows
out-of-the box (and on ubuntu of course).
Either automatically put a driver for windows in a non-encrypted part or
use something like the truecrypt traveller mode.

A user having encrypted data on a usb memory stick wants to use them on
about 99% of the computers he works with. If this is not possible, the
user will not encrypt at all.

>  Logically, it would help users with 
> encryption needs to have a tool in GNOME to create LUKS-encrypted USB 
> flash or hard drives, and request/change the key (file?  Or just 
> password?) when gnome-volume-manager detects them.

Maybe automatically ask the user if he wants to encrypt the volume or
parts of it as soon as he attaches a new and empty usb device (stick or
external hd)

My two cent
Thorsten Sick
> I think this would be very interesting to users sharing private data 
> between Windows and Linux.  Truecrypt is a pain (all command line 
> stuff), and Linux supports LUKS anyway.  With LUKS on Linux and FreeOTFE 
> accessing the LUKS partitions on Windows, users can easily share data 
> via removable drives.
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