New Programs for Hardy?

Markus Hitter mah at
Thu Dec 13 08:20:22 GMT 2007

Am 13.12.2007 um 08:41 schrieb Mackenzie Morgan:

> Until CD drives go the way of 5.25" floppy drives, I think we need  
> to keep
> install CDs around.  Making DVD isos with more stuff available is  
> fine, but
> the main part of the distro should fit on a CD.

What about a "feature" CD? I mean, one live CD with the basics and a  
few showcase apps (OpenOffice, Firefox, Evolution, etc.) and another  
one with more specialized applications. There could even exist  
different feature CDs for developers (working gcc, Eclipse,  
GNUstep, ...), entertainment (Photo editing, video cutting, ...) and  

The advantage of an feature CD is, you don't have to look up what  
applications are recommended and don't have to download/install them  
one by one. Just put the CD in after the first boot off the hard disk  
and go with a known, useful set of applications.


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