New Programs for Hardy?

Blaise Alleyne balleyne at
Thu Dec 13 22:17:35 UTC 2007

Kevin Fries wrote:
> One idea that Debian has had for years, that I am surprised that Ubuntu
> did not follow -- especially with servers -- was the idea of the minimal
> install CD ( < 50MB to fit on a mini-cd or flash stick) that was little
> more than a debootstrap install.  Then everything was obtainable from
> the repositories.
> While I realize that could get ugly for the noobs that Ubuntu goes after
> if followed exactly... but what about a derivation off of it.  Instead
> of leaving just a command line system, it installed a core system, then
> rebooted, upon first boot, it asked which U/K/X-buntu version you
> wanted, then retrieved that from the Apt repositories.  Now CD capacity
> is unimportant.

Isn't that starting to sound similar to the alternate CD that Ubuntu 
already has? I'm not sure that I fully understand either install CDs 
(Debian's, or the alternate from Ubuntu) but it sounds like there's a 
lot of overlap there.

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