Ubuntu Screens/Resolutions Management - or the reason i still MUST use m$ windows

Daniel Bimschas bimschas at googlemail.com
Thu Dec 13 10:23:24 UTC 2007

Hi Guys,

first I want to apologize if this topic has been talked about before
(which is what I hope) but congratulate to all those great
improvements Ubuntu made over the last years.

Now to my problem. My problem's I love Ubuntu and Linux in general,
but I really CAN'T use it for one simple reason: Screen Detection and
Configuration. On every new Ubuntu I do a download and try if it got
better, but I was disappointed every time.

For me it's nearly impossible to simply use my laptop in a productive
work environment if, e.g. the OS doesn't even recognize that my
external screen is now detached and only shows a blank screen. I
simply can't be productive like that. It should at least recognize
things like this when awaking from standby or hibernate mode, like M$
Windows does it.

Second thing is screen configuration. Why is it so damn difficult to
configure external screen(s) and their relative positions to my
laptops' screen. Maybe this is a driver issue and "not your fault",
but this also makes it impossible for me to use my laptop with Linux,
which is simply a pity. I often attach and detach external screens or
projectors and this is something that has to work.

Maybe there already are some ways to get things working, but then I
couldn't find them. And I tried. But there's some limit of time I'm
willing to invest in issues like that. Being a developer myself I
simply can't see why Ubuntu can detect every monitor and screen
resolution on it's installation but not when re-awaking from
hibernation or standby.

In my opinion (from the users view) screen detection and configuration
should be an issue very simple to solve. There should be desktop
applications for that which SIMPLY WORK. From my point of view these
improvements should have the highest priority. I mean, who cares about
theme improvements when there's only a blank screen to stare at?

I'm not the only person who suffers from this issue. A lot of my
friends have the same problems, some are so idealistic to use Linux
anyway, but some are not. I think that users would love to have
software and OS of the "SimplyWorks (TM)" kind. I know this is the
hardest issue in development, but it also should always have a very
high priority when it comes to the OS. Regarding user applications I
think that "DoesntReallyWorkButHasCoolFeatures (TM)" is often OK, but
the OS should be solid as a rock.

Anyway, I think you guys are doing a great job and I'm looking forward
to migrate my system to Ubuntu in the (hopefully) near future.

Regards, Daniel

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