New Programs for Hardy?

Conrad Knauer atheoi at
Thu Dec 13 08:54:08 UTC 2007

On Dec 13, 2007 2:36 AM, Conrad Knauer <atheoi at> wrote:

> For the 32-bit CDs, let's have a fully functional install on a single
> CD.  We can freeze the apps at roughly the current set and any new
> ones can be put in an 'ubuntu-extras' metapackage.  32-bit users can
> install the package (by themselves or by prompt at installation if
> they have a working network connection), but 64-bit users will have it
> installed by default from the DVD.  This will allow a nice progression
> from XP-era 32-bit processor computers to a new 64-bit era (which
> hopefully will be software libre based :)  Ubuntu development won't be
> constrained to 700 MB and we can have lots of 'WinFOSS' on the DVDs.

Alternate package name suggestions:

rename ubuntu-desktop to ubuntu-desktop-base or some such and be a
dependency of 'ubuntu-extras' which could be called
ubuntu-desktop-full or some such.

32-bit users who want the full install on a single disk could of
course download a 32-bit DVD as is now being produced.  Network
bandwidth should become less of an issue as time goes on, so
installing ubuntu-desktop-full + dependencies via net for 32-bit users
shouldn't present too big of an issue so long as the devels don't go
nuts and try to cram everything into it at once ;)  An incremental
size increase limit of maybe 300 MB more for the first release under
this system and 100 MB per release afterwards should be considered so
as to transition a bit and prevent too much bloat...

Just think how nice it would be to include things like IcedTea and
Miro and a couple dozen other spiffy cool apps as part of a DVD-based
64-bit release and yet know that for the 'long tail' of supportable
hardware that the famous 32-bit CD will be there if needed.


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