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Fri Aug 24 09:04:52 UTC 2007

On Thu, 2007-08-23 at 23:22 +0100, Chris Warburton wrote:
> Hi all, I've just installed the latest batch of Gutsy updates, including
> the new kernel update, and rebooted. Now when I plug my headphones into
> my laptop the speakers stay on so sound can be heard through the
> headphones and the speakers, kind of defeating the point of headphones.
> Looking in the volume control in GNOME (double clicking the panel
> applet) shows PCM like usual, but also Speaker and Headphone. Both of
> these new controls affect both the speakers and headphones, so the
> speakers cannot be turned down and the headphones turned up, either
> sound only comes from the speakers (no headphones plugged in), sound
> comes out of both (headphones plugged in) or sound comes out of neither
> (mute), I can't listen to things privately anymore. Now, I am pretty
> sure this is a bug, since my laptop's audio hardware doesn't play very
> nicely with Linux (using a microphone is a lost cause), but I don't know
> what to file a bug against, is it in the kernel, some ALSA package,
> Gstreamer, Gnome volume control, etc.?

Sadly, this is quite a common bug (I'm unsure of the exact cause, but I
would guess it's a regression in AC97 support in the kernel for your
codec), but differs depending on what sound card/codec your hardware is
using. Please file a bug in linux-source for your kernel version (the
package would be "linux-source-2.6.22" for Gutsy), and follow either the
"Manual" or "Automatic sound information collection" as described at

Toby Smithe

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