dm-crypt during gutsy install (alternate/server CD)

noah noah123 at
Mon Aug 20 18:39:48 UTC 2007

I'm kinda new to Ubuntu development so please forgive me if I've
posted this to the wrong list.

I downloaded both the alternate (today's build) and the server (tribe
4) images just to find out cryptsetup(1) isn't available in any of

I then downloaded cryptsetup and libpopt udeb's from Debian and
installed them to get crypsetup going, only to find out neither aes
nor sha256 modules are available for the kernel. I couldn't find any
package that would provide me with these modules either.

Won't dm-crypt be supported during the install of Gutsy Gibbon?
I'd really like to see support for this, maybe not for the GUI/menu
based installer, but at least have the required binaries, libraries
and kernel modules to allow more advanced users to take advantage of

 -- noah

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