Announcement: Kernel with automatic boot tracing and prefetching available for testing (GSoC 2007)

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Isnt this the same as puting "profile" on the grub when you get a new kernel?!

On Sunday 12 August 2007 19:28:40 Krzysztof Lichota wrote:
> Hello everyone.
> I am working this summer on "Automatic boot and application start file
> prefetching" project as part of Google Summer of Code for Ubuntu.
> I am glad to announce that first version of kernel with automatic boot
> tracing and prefetching is available for widespread testing :)
> How it works?
> - During boot file accesses are recorded.
> - During subsequent boots this trace is used to prefetch files before
> they are used in order to speed up boot.
> Everything is done automatically, without user intervention, and tracing
> is possible to do at the same time as prefetching - as opposed to
> currently used "readahead" package, which requires manual run of tracing
> (and prefetching is not done during tracing).
> Results from my latest tests, standard boot, average of 9 runs:
> Prefetch kernel + prefetch  : 54.91s
> Prefetch kernel + readahead : 58.76s
> Ubuntu kernel + readahead   : 61.21s
> Results of tests with OpenOffice run at boot, simulating disk-intensive
> applications run at boot, average of 9 runs:
> Prefetch kernel + prefetch  : 65.53s
> Prefetch kernel + readahead : 74.43s
> Ubuntu kernel + readahead   : 81.01s
> Debs with kernel and supporting userspace utilities are available on
> project page. Please see this webpage for instructions how to install them:
> If you would like to do some automatic tests to accurately measure boot
> time and effect of prefetching, please see this page:
> Please report successes and possible problems to:
> prefetch-users at (no registration necessary).
> 	Krzysztof Lichota

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