Feedback Request for Prototype Package Tool

Sebastian Heinlein glatzor at
Sun Aug 5 18:28:59 UTC 2007

Zitat von William Tracy <afishionado at>:

> Wow. This last week I was just working on a prototype of a program
> that does the same thing, that I was calling "Repository Wizard".
> Besides the obvious differences in my project not being as far along
> :-) my version of the .apt file format did NOT specify packages to
> install.
> The concept was for the wizard to add repositories to sources.list,
> add GPG keys to the trusted sources as the user explicitly identified
> them as trusted, run "apt-get update", and then provide the user with
> a list of new packages introduced by the repository. That part of the
> interface (not yet working) would be similar to the "Add new programs"
> option lurking at the bottom of the programs menu.

gnome-app-install allows you to point it to a different set of  
application data.

There is already an add button in software-properties (Software  
Sources). It would be better to improve this one instead of  
introducing a new application.

> To be specific, Repository Wizard would not ever automatically install
> any packages. It would add a repository, and provide a quick
> point-and-click interface to install packages from that repository.

Perhaps the other way round would make more sense. You could add  
.desktop files and a channel file to the app-install-data. Afterwards  
the user would see the new applications in gnome-app-install. If he  
chooses to install the software the repository will be enabled and the  
key installed. All this functionality is already in place.

> I hope I'm not beating a horse that someone else already killed. :-)
> However, my variation on the concept seems to solve *some* of the
> security concerns that have already been voiced.

In which way do you solve these issues?

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