Jackd - update 7.04 repository with version 0.103.0 compiled with default tmpdir=/dev/shm

Simon Lewis simon.lewis at mnet-online.de
Mon Apr 30 12:16:37 UTC 2007

Hello Sarah

Thanks for your reply. The reason for my request is that I think it is
very important for UbunuStudio to have these 2 versions on board.

Also very important is a version of ALSA wherby the duplex bug in
pcm_multi is corrected. This effects any program whereby the user wants
to play any other tracks while recording a new one or play a new track
while recording it. This includes ardour, rosegarden, audacity etc..

There is a patch for ALSA 1.013 or the ALSA head is corrected but  not
made available as a release candidate.

Best wishes, Simon

Sarah Hobbs schrieb:
> Hi.
> Please see http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases
> Thanks!
> Hobbsee
> Simon Lewis wrote:
>> Dear developers
>> Please update the 7.04 repository with the current version of jackd
>> compiled with default tmpdir=/dev/shm - thus maximising system
>> performance.
>> Also QJackCtl needs updating to 0.2.22 for 192kHz and freebob support.
>> Many thanks, Simon.

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