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Gueven Bay guevenbay at
Thu Apr 26 11:27:52 UTC 2007

Hello again , 
> On Sat, Apr 21, 2007 at 08:13:13AM +0200, Gueven Bay wrote:
> > > So what is it that you are proposing specifically?
> > What I want is to combine the worlds of several free operating systems with the "philosophy" of Ubuntu:
> > ease of use, shiny new releases every eye blink , cool community, "business awareness"  but - with the combination 
> > of several operating systems under Ubuntu - the _full_ choice the free software world gives.
> You are proposing something very abstract, which I could interpret as
> something which already exists.  There are already many free operating
> systems based on Ubuntu, and the system has been architected so as to make
> it easier to create more.

No, this not an abstract thing. And no, there are not "many free operating systems based on Ubuntu" (SIC! 
because Ubuntu is basing on an operating system) : There is only one at this moment: Linux (or better GNU/Linux).
With my proposal Ubuntu would get 3 other free operating systems under its project umbrella : FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenSolaris.

> > Let me specify this - with the things I wrote above in mind- in the example of Ubuntu/OpenSolaris:
> > 
> > The original OpenSolaris with its libs and docus and userland (in the OpenSolaris world these are called consolidations) 
> > + The packages to get all the functionality of a Ubuntu Release (CD/DVD) from the Blastwave repository (this is
> > a repo which gives the Solaris user an "apt-get like structure". 
> If you wanted to create an OpenSolaris-based Ubuntu, I don't see a reason to
> use anything other than an APT repository, in order to make use of all of
> the existing package management tools in Ubuntu.   I don't know much about
> Blastwave, but from your descriptions it sounds like it is not compatible
> with APT.

1) Because introducing new package managers into the proposed operating systems would unnecessary work.
2) Because the developers of these package managers make already wonderful work. The package managers are tested,
stable and "functionally complete"
(The work of "Ubuntu Metadistribution" would be to take their work, make it more accessible, just as Ubuntu did with Debian,
and make regular releases with Live CDS and so on AND give community ) 
3) Because the users these operating systems have today know already their package managers and they are ready to give help
for new users.

So there is no need to "translate" the base systems of *BSD and OpSol to a dpkg structure. 
Just make the package managers and the archives more easily usable (just as Ubuntu did with Debian 'til today).

> > + The Ubuntu specific programs and packages ported to OpenSolaris (for example the installer, the update notifier but 
> > also the Gnome adaptations of Ubuntu).
> > Please have in mind here that the OpenSolaris world stays as it is and it is known to the user (with some very little adaptations).
> > 
> > This all combined in the Ubuntu repositories , with the apropriate user mailing lists and forums, tested for half year release
> > as Ubuntu/GNU/Linux is tested and released every six months.
> Here you are proposing something more concrete.  Are you asking for space in
> the Ubuntu repositories to work on this?  Would you then create such a
> distribution?

I already asked for permission to start a 3rd party project thread in the ubuntuforums.
My thinking was that if I get this permission then this thread would become the starting point for the

But if it is even possible that I get space on the Ubuntu repos then I could begin with the "practical" work 
right away.
So, the answer to your questions are : Yes and Yes ;-)

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