[RFC] ShipIt CD-RW

Conrad Knauer atheoi at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 19:56:00 UTC 2007

On 4/18/07, shirish agarwal <shirishag75 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm a big supporter of testing the Herd CD's but its the cost of the
> CD's which does turn me off. Hence my testing is only from the beta stage.
> I've got 1 80 GB HDD which is exclusive for testing. Now it would be cool on
> Canonical's part if we have some custom art RW CD's for those people who are
> ready to engage with the whole testing cycle making it easily distinguished.
> It would also go in a long way in making us feel a part of the community. I
> do agree however that there is a danger of it becoming a poor man's supply
> store but that can be easily corrected by looking at people's contribution
> in form on bugs filed, any specifications filed, activity on the channels,
> all of which could be automated to a certain extent.

The cost of a single CD-RW is not very high, but the cost of thousands
upon thousands would add up quite quickly for Canonical, that being in
addition to the cost of the CD-Rs; wouldn't it make more sense to for
us as testers to just buy a blank one and call that our contribution
to the Ubntu project? (plus we can reuse it for other things if we
don't want to keep it for testing ;)

I've been using CD-Rs for the Herd CDs (I buy spindles on sale;
they're not overly expensive), but I must admit it is a bit wasteful;
I'll have to switch to a CD-RW for testing :)


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