Call for Release Candidate testing (again)

Wenzhuo Zhang wenzhuo at
Wed Apr 18 06:37:33 UTC 2007

Wenzhuo Zhang wrote:
> Wenzhuo Zhang wrote:
>> 3. The desktop has two hard drives. One is connected to the motherboard
>> as primary master, and the other is connected to a Promise Ultra100 TX2
>> IDE controller card as tertiary master. The feisty live-cd recognizes
>> the primary boot drive as /dev/sdb, and the tertiary master as /dev/sda.
>> I am not sure if this could pose a problem when installing the Grub MBR.
>> Let's see the result after the installer finishes its job later.
> Sad to say, the Grub MBR indeed got installed onto the tertiary master
> hard drive.

I must say it's a bit discouraging that I had to reply to myself.

I managed to boot into the new feisty installation using a grub floppy.
Grub considers the tertiary master as (hd1), correctly as always. After
chainloaded (hd1), I found that the grub recipie for feisty is also
pointing the wrong drive. I installed it on the forth primary partition
on the tertiary master drive, but the recipie points to (hd0,3).

After changing the root partition to (hd1,3), Grub successfully loaded
feisty. However, the running kernel of feisty now recognized the primary
master drive as /dev/sda and the tertiary master as /dev/sdb.

To obtain dmesg and lspci output for bug reporting, I booted up the feisty
desktop-i386 live-cd again. To my surprise, it correctly recognized the
two hard drives this time. To reconfirm, I rebooted the live-cd, and it
recognized correctly again.

Still, there must be a bug somewhere causing this problem. libata again?

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