Call for Release Candidate testing (again)

Wenzhuo Zhang wenzhuo at
Tue Apr 17 08:50:00 UTC 2007

I am testing the desktop-i386 image on an old desktop machine right now.
I've come across three problems so far:

1. The feisty installation on my laptop fails to burn the image using an
external USB Combo drive (Model: TEAC DW-224E-B). Neither the "Write to
disc..." context menu facility nor the cdrecord (now wodim) command line
works with the external combo drive any more. It's a sad regression since
the previous Ubuntu releases work well with this combo drive.

2. I chose the manual partition method. On the Edit a Partition window,
the Mount Point drop-down menu was empty initially. Only after I typed
in "/" and reopened the "Edit a Partition" window could it display a
drop-down menu of possible choices.

3. The desktop has two hard drives. One is connected to the motherboard
as primary master, and the other is connected to a Promise Ultra100 TX2
IDE controller card as tertiary master. The feisty live-cd recognizes
the primary boot drive as /dev/sdb, and the tertiary master as /dev/sda.
I am not sure if this could pose a problem when installing the Grub MBR.
Let's see the result after the installer finishes its job later.

Henrik Nilsen Omma wrote:
> After a heroic effort by the kernel team over the weekend the sata_nv 
> kernel bugs that were haunting us are finally squashed. That leaves us a 
> very small window for testing the Release Candidate images, so please 
> help out if you can.
> The CD images to test are 20070415 and DVDs are 20070516. Get the images 
> from
> Tracking information and md5sums can be found here as usual: 
> Henrik

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