Don't install irrelevant character set fonts

Milan nalimilan at
Thu Apr 12 14:40:36 UTC 2007

Hi !

If you give a look at your Writer fonts list, you will
notice that it starts with 40 fonts whose names begin with "ae_". These
fonts are designed for Arabic, Japanese, etc. character sets, and thus
aren't really interesting for others charsets. They all look quite the
same, and they double the size of the list, impeding the user who is
searching for a nice font for him (there are much, but at the end of the
list). There are other fonts in the list that are designed for specific
languages ("ttf-*" packages).

Since Ubuntu has a nice localisation management, I suggest we add the
fonts to the language-pack-* packages' "Recommends", and not to
ubuntu-desktop's. We still need to be able to print Unicode characters:
this can be done using FreeFonts and DejaVu. Then, most of fonts should
be installed following what the user requests.

Any occidental language support should install Latin fonts, and Chinese
chinese fonts... The only common fonts should be 2 or 3 large Unicode
support fonts. When a user wants to use a language, (s)he installs the
language support and gets the fonts. Maybe the Language support tool
could use a column more, "Font support only", to avoid installing all

This way, you can select easily nice and relevant fonts, and we may
install more oringinal fonts. Am I saying something stupid here ? ;-) Do
you think this is worth a spec ?


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