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shirish agarwal shirishag75 at
Thu Apr 12 12:23:05 UTC 2007

Hello Everybody,
       Is there possibility to have ubuntu .metalink for i386 (English) &
AMD (English) atleast somewhere for people to start using .metalink. I am
sure there are people who have pretty high speeds which would benefit
everybody as people would be able to download faster. The site to know more
about metalinking is and there is a GUI python based
.metalink editor at which people could/should
use. To know more about .metalink wikipedia is also very cool. . There is already a mini-repository
at which can be used. Also KGet is supporting
the .metalink format so we do have a download manager which supports it.
           Although I have nothing to do with in any
commercial sense but do like the idea. There may be few things which might
not be perfect, but seems a logical way as people get mroe speeds & then are
able to max their connection, using this. Lemme know what u guys think :)
          Shirish Agarwal
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