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I have been meaning to do this for a while now. The is a nice place to provide as a source
for firefox bug reporters to use while sending bug reports.

I rearranged it so it is oriented towards bug reporters instead of the
triagers. Triagers should already be familiar with things to do before
filing and while triaging) a firefox bug (ask for a new profile, maybe
tell users to remove plugins, search upstream bugzilla). but users won't
know this stuff.

I think, if we provide this link to firefox bug reporters when they
first report a bug (and mark them as "needs info"), it will greatly
enhance the reports we get.

I'd like people to check out this page (now a sandbox) before I put it
up for "sale" :)


Some of the changes:
* Remove mention of plugins. Do we want them to remove plugins? See
on how to do that. I don't think so.
* Remove mention of .
The triager should find this info elsewhere in Bugsquad documentation.
* Remove mention of upstream bugzilla: this is the bug triager's duty
* Compacted and rearranged overall to provide steps to follow and less
irrelevant information.

I a sending this to ubuntu-doc and bugsquad, but because Firefox is a
very visible and important package for ubuntu, I'm CC'ing devel-discuss
and D. Farning (who has been triaging Firefox bugs extensively) to get
as much feedback as I can.

I also filed a bug report on this here so this doesn't go forgotten. Link:

Thanks all :)
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